Lime Diesel ( Cherry Creek Health)

Name: Lime Diesel

From: Cherry Creek Health

Grade: A+

Type: Sativa

Price: $62.50/8th

Looks: Light green with light orange hairs. Very dense, very sticky nugs.

Smell: A citrus/skunk kind of smell with a hint of lime.

Taste: Strong thick smoke that leaves a citrus taste in your mouth. Good expansion of the lungs and I knew right away this was good bud.

Buzz Type: Straight head buzz followed by a mellow body buzz. Great high. It had me gone for a bit. This would be good for pain or nausea.

Buzz Length: Long 3 + hours.

Overall: Great potent bud that had me staring at the grass out back for a while. Great taste. I am hoping they have more tomorrow.


~ by milehighmarijuanareviews on July 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Lime Diesel ( Cherry Creek Health)”

  1. This stuff is real good and fruity. Blew me back quite a ways.

  2. how comes you get all the good stuff & i never get any when i go in! lol … although I will say, go get maui mist @ patients choice! the bomv!

    • Every time I go there I have at least 2 or 3 very good strains to choose from. I am going to go to Patients Choice this week and hopefully they are willing to participate in my reviews. I intend to go to ever dispensary within the state in time.

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